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This blog is transitioning from a health/body-positive blog to a more general life-positive blog. There will still be many posts relative to healthy eating/living and working out but there will also be a lot more personal posts from me. The posts will still be tagged so that you can visit the pages you are interested in. Thanks for visiting!


Once the blog is through being updated, personal goals will be posted here.

Catching up on this month’s yoga challenge!

Pictured above are days 6-12:

  • Three Legged Wheel (both sides pictured)
  • Shoulder stand (both supported and unsupported)
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • Side Crow Pose (only one side pictured)
  • Low Push Up
  • Hip Opening Lunge (only one side pictured)
  • Boat Pose

It’s been really interesting for me to do these poses. Many of them I used to be fully capable of but since my injury I’ve spent so much time on rehab that I’ve lost a lot of flexibility and core strength. Definitely happy to get back into it.

So glad I decided to try this out and already looking forward to next month’s challenge! :)

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